Make life meaningful

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Unfortunately, modern society only cares about success, achievement, short-term happiness, and being busy.

We never explore living with a deep sense of fulfillment in school as kids or even as adults, and definitely not in our busy routines.


But a meaningful life brings higher overall satisfaction and more frequent positive emotions.


A sense of control over your future
+ More self-confidence
+ More self-worth
= Deep, sustainable happiness

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MaiWhai Life Design is online, one-on-one, simple guidance for meaning in life.


A basic framework for self-discovery +
Learning backed by research and experience +
Scientifically-validated measurements +
Inspiring goal-setting and action strategies


Don't take my word for it. Take theirs.

“MaiWhai Life Design has given me the tools I was missing in achieving things that I had been wanting to do for years. On top of starting new activities, more so I’ve been happy that the program has managed to change my way of thinking towards a happier and more grateful approach in life which is already paying off. I can highly recommend it to everyone who is ready and willing to explore the things in their lives that would make them happier and more meaningful.”
- Janne E. (Helsinki, Finland)

"I've never thought about many of these things. I've always paid attention to what I think I should do rather than why I'm doing it. I realized things I didn't know I cared so much about."
- Nikhil K. (New Delhi, India)

"MaiWhai Life Design helped me clarify my direction in life and set some new goals. I know myself better."
- Florian S. (Berlin, Germany)

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